Two worlds collide...

Meet The Medic Crossover Update

On Friday, June 21, 2013. a free DLC was given to all owners of Surgeon Simulator 2013 that would add a new TV and a VHS player to the Nigel's secretarial desk, as well as a VHS tape with the Team Fortress 2 logo. Inserting the VHS would play Valve's Meet The Medic video, a blur would happen. Then the player takes control of TF2's Medic and the player has to opperate on The Heavy, based on the surgery scene from Meet The Medic, the tools are reskinned to look like items from TF2. Archimedes, the Medic's pet bird is also present. if the medic throws a heart from the fridge at Archimedes, blood will be splattered all over him like in Meet The Medic and the Medic will yell "Archimedes?!" thus unlocking the achievement Archimedes!

More information about the operation itself can be found on the Uber Heart Transplant Page.

Trivia Edit

  • The bottom of the VHS tape has a label saying 'Nigels Research', which explains his wacky behaviour.
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