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Alien Autopsy
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Alien Autopsy is a secret surgery that was added to Surgeon Simulator on September 9, 2013. The patient featured in this operation is a new character named Gworb. On the iPad, the second keypad code has been changed from the PC version.

To enter the Alien Autopsy, you'll need to put in the new VHS. To unlock the new VHS, you'll need to:

  1. Finish all surgeries, including ambulance and space versions, then download it (If you bought the Steam edition after the update, you might not need to download it.)
  2. Return to the space brain transplant.
  3. Go to the keypad in the front right corner and enter the code "296145". (You will get the achievement "Enter The Code".)
  4. Find the new VHS on your main menu desk (with alien symbols written on it) and put it in the VHS player.

Alien Surgery Left Closed.jpg Alien Surgery Code.jpg Alien Surgery Right Closed.jpg
Left side at the start of the operation. The Codepad in which you have to enter
4948 to proceed to the operation.
Right side at the start of the operation.
Alien Surgery Left.jpg Alien Surgery Middle.jpg Alien Surgery Right.jpg
The left side with numerous strapped instruments. The middle with Gworb as the patient. The right side with even more strapped instruments.

The Transplants Organs[]

Upon entering the surgery, you'll have to enter the code "4948". You're then told to transplant one of 6 random organs (all of which will be presented to you, with no indication which is which).

Finishing every transplant unlocks the achievement Best Surgeon In The Universe.

Pewdsball.png Birgirspallex.png Gobbleshaft.png Cubed Trangrifier.jpg Gavichal.png Robbaloraz.png
A Pewdsball. A Birgirspallex. A Gobbleshaft. A Cubed Trangrifier. A Gavichal. A Robbaloraz.


  • Gworb's organs are named after a few famous YouTube personalities who have played Surgeon Simulator 2013.
  • If you cut out the Gobbleshaft improperly, it starts wriggling around on its own and making squeaky shrieking noises while floating around. This also unlocks the achievement You're Free Now.
  • The Robbaloraz looks similar to a human liver.
  • The Birgirspallex looks similar to a human's intestine.
  • Gworb is another character whose arms and lower jaw can move when the player moves them
  • There is a glitch in the PS4 version where the Birgirspallex and Robbaloraz get swapped.
  • In Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality at least, when you touch the Gavichal, everything blurs and lights up, and sounds around you start to echoe like when you drug yourself.
    • In the same game, you can only transplant the Pewdsball, and it rather consists of putting it in a tube before it explodes after three minutes.