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The Ambulance Operations are unlocked after beating each normal surgery, and unlock Space Operations after completion. These operations are included in both Surgeon Simulator, and Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary edition. In this mode, the player performs surgery in a poorly driven ambulance.

Hazards Edit

As each Ambulance operation starts, the ambulance will start too, and will drive extremely fast, sometimes in which will result in a bump. The ambulance will also suddenly go left and right, as like the driver was trying to avoid hitting other cars. In mid-rides, the ambulance might slow a bit down, and accelerate again. All of these scenarios are randomly picked and each cause Nigel's hand to shake around, among with the physical objects inside. The Ambulance's Back doors can swing open, and close themselves, due to speed. In random situations, the doors will swing open, allowing various things to fall out onto the road. After a few seconds, the doors will close again. The doors can also render each operation impossible to beat. Organ(s) can fall out if in the right spot, forcing one to have to restart the entire operation over again.

Playable Operations Edit

The operations from Surgery Mode are also playable in the Ambulance Mode.

Heart Transplant (Ambulance)

Double Kidney Transplant (Ambulance)

Brain Transplant (Ambulance)

The following operations are only available in the Anniversary Edition.

Eye Transplant (Ambulance)

Teeth Transplant (Ambulance)

Trivia ===

  • The ambulance operations are almost impossible to beat at certain cases, because the chances of losing the required tools or the required organ(s) is high.
  • If you listen closely, you can hear chatter from a radio.
    • You can also hear the sounds of cars honking, the sound of the headlights blinking, and the screeches of wheels in the background.
  • If you throw The Clock out of the ambulance doors, the music slowly fades away and changes pitch.
    • This proves the clock plays the music heard in each operation.
  • It is recommended you throw a dangerous tool out of the ambulance's door after you finished using it, because the ambulance will make a sharp turn, and will cause that tool to fall into Bob's stomach, or if you are doing other operations, like the Brain Transplant, Eye Transplant, and Teeth Transplant, it will most likely bash into Bob's head, both causing a lot of blood loss.
  • In uncommon situations, the green Syringe may inject itself into you if your arm is at the right place at the right time, causing hallucinations.
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