Are you Bob?

Bob during a heart transplant in Surgeon Simulator Touch.


Bob Murton is a man who is being operated on by Nigel Burke in 1987/1988. He has numerous problems, which include but are not limited to: heart disease, kidney failure, a brain tumor, eye disease and tooth decay. Nigel fixed all of these problems, luckily for Bob. Bob was the character in each transplant, but he might not have been the man who needed a heart/double kidney/brain transplant in space. It's clear that Bob was also not the patient in the TF2 operation and in the Alien Autopsy. Bob is often seen wearing a white mask used in the hospital to keep himself breathing properly and a green, floppy cap because he probably doesn't want blood in his hair(although he doesent even have hair in I am Bread). In the teeth transplant we get to see Bob's thin mustache that had been hiding under that mask the whole time. A lot of YouTubers named the patient Bob before he got his name, and thus his name was Bob.

Bob's skin turns white when his blood level turns under 2000ml in the A&E version of the game, like people in real life. This is because the A&E version has better visual graphics.

Trivia Edit

  • Bob is 39/40 years old. This has been confirmed, because in the game "I am Bread", you can see his date of birth. You  can also see the date in which Surgeon Simulator takes place in.
  • The problems that Bob has might've been from the car crash that Bob has experienced in "I am Bread".
  • Bob's last name is Murton.
  • Bob has suffered many problems besides organ diseases. He also had been divorced with his wife Barbara, and his company, "Murton's Merchants" has failed at being successful.
  • He had also been in a mental hospital building, but he escaped. Whilst escaping, the slice of bread has awoken, and made him panic so hard that he caused a car crash.
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