The new and the old brain

The brain is only seen in the brain transplant operation. It is the only organ in this surgery. This operation can be very dangerous because hurting the brain will cause a huge blood loss and blood loss rate, it's the most sensitive organ.
The brain transplant is used in 4 different operations:


  1. Remove the pieces of the skull off of Bob's head. The Powered Bonesaw takes some time but is precise and is the least dangerous way to remove the skull. Saw the edges of the skull, and not the middle -- that will fall off when all edges have been sawed off.
  2. Grab the brain and pull at it until it pops out.
  3. Cut the brain stem.
  4. Place the new brain in the empty skull. You need not drop the brain in -- just lower it in.


  • The Powered Bonesaw should be used to get the achievements Sweet Blasphemy, The Brains of the Operation, Nigel You Bloody Hero, and Precision Instrument Time.
  • The Hammer is the fastest but also a very dangerous way to remove the head skull for it causes massive blood loss. Use it for the speedrun achievements How Long Can You Live Without a Brain?, The Speed of a Neuron, Brainstorm, and Speedrun Time.
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