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During Corridor Operations the player operates in a hallway, running with the patient through a long corridor to get to a ward or operating theater. The patient lies on a constantly moving bed (Heart, Double Kidney, Teeth transplants), or sits in a wheelchair (Brain, Eye transplants) depending on the operation, while the tools and new organs are on separated tables that move in and out of the operation frame.

The tables with the operational tools are randomized and stay in the frame for approximately 15 seconds. Because of this there can be multiple tools of the same kind and even multiple organs. This is helpful if the player is clumsy and drops an important tool or organ into the moving hallway. However, it can be frustrating since the tools and organs may not be available when necessary. A good method to get around this if the patient is in a bed is to drop more necessary tools (particularly the green syringe) on the patient's chest around the neck area. The wheelchair has a built-in table to place tools.

While moving the player sometimes kicks open doors, which causes the frame to wiggle a bit but doesn't effect Nigel.

Just like in the Normal Operations the standard operations, as well as the new previously Surgeon Simulator Touch exclusive operations are available:

Heart Transplant (Corridor)

Double Kidney Transplant (Corridor)

Brain Transplant (Corridor)

Eye Transplant (Corridor)

Teeth Transplant (Corridor)

Notes Edit

'Nothing But Skull' and 'Let's See That Sick Filth Again' achievements are best done in this mode because if the player loses the brain/spoon, the player can get another one.

Trivia Edit

  • On the Anniversary Edition, when outside of the hospital, there are rain particles.
  • The coloured borders on the floor inside the hospital change colour when Nigel goes through an outdoor section, and into an indoor section.
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