Enter The Code
I'm not sure that was worth it...


How to unlockEdit

Best to get together with "We're Going On An Adventure!"

  1. Go to the Space Brain Transplant.
  2. Move your hand to the upper right corner to the keypad.
  3. Enter "296145" (if you enter a wrong digit just press random numbers so that it resets and you can start again). After hitting "2" the next digit should be slightly inward making it easy to find the next one.
  4. Optional: Immediately after entering the digits, grab and hold the radio to get another achievement: "We're Going On An Adventure!"
  5. You've unlocked "Enter The Code."


The code is very well hidden and split up into 3 parts:

  1. Behind your certification of the University of Barnadshire there is a little drawing which reveals the first two digits of the code[1]. There are 9 dots with different sizes which is referring to the solar system. The ? points to the third from the right, meaning the planet with the third highest distance to the sun: Saturn. There is also some Korean writing which translates to "Time" or "It's Time". Saturn takes ~29 years to cycle around the sun.
    • The first digits are: 29
  2. After you did "Call Trisha" you'll receive a little note. Take a pen and paint the whole note and it reveals the two middle digits. [2]
    • The middle digits are: 61
  3. There is a VHS that marks the last two digits [3]. You unlock it by dialing a certain number from The link is legally found in the game on the surgery page "Space" and under the heart transplant surgery. When putting it in, the TV screen shows "The ? is in your pocket". This is referring to your phone, which if you call (number?, will play a series of high and low sounds, which is a binary code that translates to 9*5 which equals 45. In the anniversary edition, the statement "The ? is in your pocket" has been replaced by the answer.
    • The last digits are: 45


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