Eye Transplant
(Operating Room)
Eye Icon
Recommended Tools
Hammer or Hand

The Eye Transplant is a new operation featured in Surgeon Simulator Touch and the Anniversary Edition on PS4 and Steam along with the Teeth Transplant.

Procedure Edit

  1. Break the goggles blocking the eyes or cut the straps of the goggles. Use something
  2. Impale the eyes with a scalpel, scissor, pencil, pen, or other sharp object. (Tip: try to quickly jab the eye with your tool, rather than slowly work your way into the eye)
  3. Gouge the eye out by pulling the object out.
  4. Hit the patient in the left and right Temple to make the eyes drop out.
  5. Cut the optic nerve and muscle tissue.
  6. Do the same to the other eye.
  7. Pull 2 eyes from the jar and put them in the eyesockets. They will automatically latch on, so you do not need to worry about putting them in place all the time.


  • One of the eyeballs that Nigel can give to Bob is a magic 8-ball.
  • You get the achievement Heterochromia by giving Bob two different colored eyes.
Eye Left Eye Middle Eye Right
Left side of the operation room. Middle of the operation room. Right side of the operation room.

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