Eyes are only seen in the eye transplant operation. This operation used to be exclusive to Touch, but it was added to the PC version in A&E.
The eye transplant is used in 4 different operations:


  1. Break the goggles blocking the eyes (use a hammer) or cut the straps of the goggles. The google straps have markings along them which are the 'sweet spots' to cut.
  2. Impale the eyes with a Scalpel, Scissor, Pen, Pencil or another sharp object.
  3. Gouge the eye out by pulling the object out.
  4. Hit the patient in the left and right temple to make the eyes drop out. Use the back of your hand.
  5. Cut the optic nerves and muscle tissue of the eyes. There are four 'sweet spots' per eye -- look for faint markings in the form of lines across the nerves.
  6. Put 2 objects from the jar and put them in the eye sockets. They will automatically latch on, so you do not need to worry about putting them in place all the time. You can poke an eye with a sharp object from Step 2, and stick the eye in, if you find picking up the eye hard.


  • Using a Pencil to impale the eyes will not hurt the patient like the other sharp tools do for Step 2.
  • Using a spoon to cut the muscle tissue in Step 5 will cause no blood loss, but the final optic nerve of each eye must be cut with a scalpel or scissors.
  • You can use the 8 Ball or smiley-ball instead of an eye -- it will still work.
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