The Gavichal Organ.

The Gavichal is one of the alien organs of the Alien: Gworb, the second replacement of Bob.


The Gavichal is an oddly shaped organ, a little above where the heart is on a human. It appears to have a bumpy texture and spikes. Much like the Pewdsball, the Gavichal glows. It looks like it works like a human heart, it is similar in apperance, plus the fact than the alien does have blood circulation so it must have a heart or similar organ, Touching the Gavaichal is a good way to get drugged, try to move it without touching it.


  1. Take away the hand thing on the lower rib.
  2. Break both the top and bottom rib (Buzzsaw or hammer).
  3. Cut off the strands connecting the Gobbleshaft to the Alien and move it out of the way (Scalpel).
  4. Cut the Birgirspallex away from the Robbaloraz and remove it (Scalpel).
  5. Cut the three strands at the top of the Gavichal (Scalpel).
  6. Cut the strand at the bottom and then remove it (Scalpel).
  7. Smash the glass case and grab the replacement Gavichal.
  8. Put it in it's place to complete the surgery.


  1. The Gavichal is based on Michael Jones and Gavin Free of Rooster Teeth Productions. In their various Lets play videos, Gavin controls the hands while Michael controls the fingers.
  2. There is an Achievement Hunter video where Gavin and Michael ultimately perform this surgery.
  3. If you touch the spikes on the Gavichal it drugs you. The drugging effect may be in reference to Gavin continually stabbing himself with needles in the first Surgeon Simulator game.
  4. The fact that it's a heart is reference to the troubles the two had playing the original version of the game and Gavin making the heart disappear, the second incident being the infamous Like A Wet Paper Towel incident.
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