The Gobbleshaft.

The Gobbleshaft is one of the alien organs featured in the secret outer space missions of Surgeon Simulator. It can be found in the alien Gworb, the second replacement of Bob.

Appearance and Location Edit

The gobbleshaft is light blue and trunk shaped with smaller tubes along its sides, and connected to it is a hand shaped organ. It is found beneath the ribcage and above the Robbaloraz, the Gavichal and the Cubed Trangrifier.

Removal Procedure Edit

Unlike the Birgirspallex, the Gobbleshaft remains firm and more easily replaceable.

  1. Break the ribcage surrounding the Gobbleshaft. (Buzzsaw or hammer are recommended)
  2. Proceed to cut the 6 small tubes connected to the Gobbleshaft
    • You don't necessarily need to remove the strange hand shaped organ but you can just pull it off resulting in more space to operate while this won't hurt the patient
  3. Break the glass container holding the replacement Gobbleshaft
  4. Grab the new Gobbleshaft and place it where the old one was

Complete the surgery by putting the new Gobbleshaft into place. Be wary of blood loss because with the Gobbleshaft in such a central position it requires you to hammer or saw in close proximity to the other organs.


  • If the gobbleshaft is cut out improperly, it will make squeaky weird shouts.
  • This is also the only organ not named after a famous youtuber.
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