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Gworb is the character that appears in the Alien Autopsy and is unlocked in a hidden mission in Surgeon Simulator 2013. He is the second character to have replaced Bob in a surgery, with the first being The Heavy from Team Fortress 2. Gworb needs 6 surgeries done instead of Bob's usual 5 and the Heavy's 1, each representing a famous YouTuber:

The name Gworb originates from Rooster Teeth's Achievement Hunter's very own "Let's Play - Surgeon Simulator 2013: Alien Transplant with Michael Jones and Gavin Free" where, on January 31, 2014, they play their one year anniversary of Surgeon Simulator. The new video includes the alien transplants, which they decide to name Gworb, thus creating a name for an alien in much need of transplants.


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