Heart Transplant
(Operating Room)
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Recommended Tools
Powered Bonesaw/Hammer


At first remind yourself of the objective: Remove the old heart, put in the new heart. That's all you need to do! Whatever happens to other organs doesn't matter. However, those organs are blocking the way to simply reach the heart, so you need to remove them to get through.

When using a tool be sure to hit the organs and not to cut the patient or else his blood level will decrease and his blood loss rate will increase. Be sure to watch the blood loss rate (ml/sec) because if it gets higher you might want to stop the bleeding by using the Green Injection.
To learn where to cut and which tool(s) to use, you can insert floppy disks into your computer. Those with "Britannia 88" written on them are like dictionaries for surgery.

The first thing you need to do is break through the rib cage. This can be done in two ways:

  • The gentle way: Grab the Powered Bonesaw and slowly cut through the bones.
  • The brutal way: Grab the Hammer and swing it into the rib cage.

The brutal way is fast but it'll cause a huge loss of blood and an increased blood loss rate, so it could be very dangerous to use the brutal method. The gentle way is much safer causing only a very small amount of blood loss and no increased blood loss rate but also takes a long time and patience. Just make sure you hit the bones and not the patient because you can easily slip from the bone down to the patients flesh.

After removing the rib cage you put your tool away and grab one of his lungs. Pull it out and put it somewhere so you can harvest it for later. The same goes with the other lung and the liver.

Now grab a scalpel and cut the esophagus and duodenum (The tube-like structures entering and leaving the stomach) . After this step is complete, remove the stomach.

Now the only thing left is the old heart. Hard to describe where you need to cut, but you need to make 2 cuts to remove the old heart. To find these cutting spots yourself (you can see them marked as a very slim black bar) or learn where to cut by inserting a Britannia 88 floppy disk into your computer in the main menu. When you hit both cuts the heart will stop beating. Now grab the old heart and place it to the side. Open up the organ transfer box (labelled with a "LHS" logo) by pushing your hand against it, grab the new heart and lay it down into the patient. You may need to move the heart around into the right position. As soon as the game detects that the heart is at the right place, you've finished the game!

Congratulations! You completed your first operation!

Heart Left Heart Middle Heart Right
Left side of the operation room. Middle of the operation room. Right side of the operation room.

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