The kindeys are only seen in the double kidney transplant operation.
The double kidney transplant is used in 4 different operations:


  1. Cut the large intestine at the ileocecal valve (to your right and below the small intestine) and the sigmoid colon (your bottom right).
  2. Cut the small intestine at the ileum (find the line across the intestines on your left) and the duodenum (part where the small intestine begins; beneath the large intestine).
  3. Remove both intestines.
  4. (Optional) Cut the stomach at the cardiac sphincter (find the line where the gullet ends and the stomach begins) and remove the liver and the stomach.
  5. Cut the kidneys by poking the uretero-pelvic junction (point where the yellow canals touch the kidneys) from the top with a scalpel or another sharp object.
  6. Remove the two kidneys. The right kidney is especially deep within the body, and a non-lethal object can be used to move it out.
  7. Place the new kidneys. They need to be in the correct position, although the orientation does not matter much.


  • You don't have to cut through the ribs to grab the liver or get to the kidneys but removing the ribs could help you to reach and grab them.
  • Grabbing the kidneys can be difficult. You can use non-sharp objects like a pencil, a spoon or tweezers to move the organs without hurting the patient.
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