There are four - including the special operations 6 - different environments in which the player can operate. Each has other effects on the player or the patient and even the tools that have to be used for the operation. Upon completing all of the available operations in one location, the player can unlock a new location.

Operating RoomEdit

The standard operating room and first location that is unlocked on a new game.

The Operations are:


During the operation, Nigel is in an ambulance (as the name implies). Due to a terrible driver, the player will experience a lot of shaking and sudden eruptions, which will move the players hand and the tools that are lying around in the ambulance. It can be hard to coordinate the scalpel while the ambulance is driving, keep in mind that these events are generated randomly.

The Operations are:


During the operation, Nigel navigates through the corridors of the hospital. The patient ist strapped to a stretcher which rolls continuously through the corridor. At the start of the operation, the player has no tools available and must wait until a table appears on either the left or the right side of the stretcher. These rolling tables are randomly generated and have different tools or the new organs on them.

It can be hard to get a desired tool like the bonesaw, because the chances for each tool to appear is equal. It is also easy to drop tools or organs on the floor because you can't put them anywhere safe.

While rolling through the corridors, the player sometimes slams open hospital doors, which causes the screen to stutter. This does not effect the player or the patient though, just the visual appearance of the screen.

The Operations are:


During the operation, Nigel operates in some sort of space shuttle without gravitation. Because of the lack of gravitation, the tools and organs remain statically in the air around the patient and the player, until the player touches them, which causes chain reactions through which basically every single tool starts flying around the room. These ricocheting tools can harm the patient or even drug the player.

It's possible that the new organ is not staying in its designated container and starts flying. When the organ keep floating upwards, at some point it will be out of range for the player, so that he has to wait until it comes down again to grab it.

The Operations are:

Medic's "Clinic"Edit

This is a special operation and features the character Medic and Heavy from the game Team Fortress 2. There are no normal tools in this operation, just items from the game TF2. Some can be used to cut, most of them are for smashing the ribcage though. There is also The MediGun, which has to be used to ubercharge a heart that is then transplanted into the Heavy.

The only operation in this location is:

Outer SpaceEdit

This special operation can only be accessed once Enter The Code has been completed. The player is warped from the space shuttle into outer space. Upon entering the code into the keypad (4948) the player can see the new patient - Gworb. The operations takes place in space, so there is no gravity, but the tools are strapped to the tables when the player starts. Once they have been used they cannot be strapped back to the table.

Gworb is surrounded by 6 containers, each containing a special organ the player has to transplant. Which one he has to transplant is chosen randomly at the start of the operation. The only operation in this location is:

Reception (Main Menu)Edit

While not a location where operations can be performed, the reception (the main menu) still has various interactive features that require the same controls as operations. Among them is the Phone, a computer for the Floppy Disks, and a TV with a VHS player and video tapes to play. The computer and TV are necessary to unlock new modes.

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