Nothing But Skull
Complete a brain transplant by throwing it in.

How to unlockEdit

Nothing But Skull
This one is really difficult to obtain but maybe you're lucky and get it fast.

Here is a gif that shows you how to do it:

  1. Enter brain surgery
  2. Completly remove the skull (by smashing or cutting, your choice)
  3. Remove the old brain
  4. Grab the new brain and move your hand to the bottom of the screen
  5. Make a throwing move and hope that you hit
  6. You've unlocked the achievement "Nothing But Skull"

This can be a bit frustrating because it is pretty difficult to land. Also the achivement doesn't always trigger when your hand is too close to the head.

This achievement is best done in Corridor Mode because if you lose the brain, you can get a new one.


  • Nothing But Skull is referring to "Nothing But Skill", or "Nothing but Net", but with the term "skull" fitting into the brain transplant
  • Achievement is inspired by MattShea369 (performance as seen in the gif above)
  • Potentially, it is possible to pour some nearby objects in, let the brain fall in and get the achievement. This is most likely a bug.
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