The Phone is found in the main menu. If you look closely at it you can see the wires have been cut off, yet you can still call people.

Calling PeopleEdit

Every now and then, the phone will ring. You can talk to the people on the phone by picking the phone up (but sometimes all you will get is a dial tone). These people include:

  1. Dave (Nigel's Landlord)
  2. Mr. Burke/Nigel's Dad
  3. An unidentified man, asking for more trypiodroctof[sic] to sell to his customers. Likely related to Nigel selling hospital drugs.

In the game's recent update (9/25/2013) the phone's appearance has changed. Now, the numbers on the dialpad have been made bolder, the End and Call buttons have been turned red and green, respectively. There is also now a yellow strip above the keypad, which will display the numbers and symbols the player has pressed on the keypad. Due to this, it is now technically possible to type in numbers and call them, once the player has removed the receiver from the hub, however numbers will not do anything other than play various sounds.

This update made it possible to Call Trisha. It is also an achievement.



The phone while receiving a call.


The phone after the game's recent update (9/25/2013)

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