The Real-Life Time Telling Clock or just The Clock is a digital clock found everywhere (Main Menu, Surgery Mode, Ambulance Mode, Space) in Surgeon Simulator 2013.


In every level in the game, it appears in the top left corner.

Telling TimeEdit

The clock shows you the time of your computer's clock. For example: It's "04:00" in real life, so the radio clock shows "04:00" (just if you set your computer's clock to the real time).
Beside the radio clock, the watch around your hand also shows the real time.


  • If you place the radio clock in Bob's chest after removing the heart, you will get the achievement The Beat Of Your Heart.
  • If you punch the clock it will change the music.
  • The player can see the clock taped to the bed/wheelchair in the Corridor missions.
  • The clock plays the music in the levels, if you throw the clock out the back of the ambulance, the music will fade out.
  • Grabbing the Radio and hitting it on the counter or any wall or non-movable object, will either change the part of the soundtrack, or play the Surgeon Rap, awarding the achievement What A Load Of Bull.
  • The clock appears to be based off of the Soundesign 3620 Digital Alarm Clock.
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