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During the space operations, the player operates within a small space station in outer space. The patient is strapped to the bed so he cannot float and remains stationary.

Because there is no gravitation, the tools and organs fly around the station during the operation and can't be attached for easier access. This does not have any influence on the players hand or the patient.

It is easy to lose some of the more important tools or organs by pushing them above the player where they cannot be reached. If this happens, waiting is required to retrieve the lost organs.

Be very careful that the green needle may float and poke you. If the green needle pokes you, find the blue syringe. And be careful to not let the blue syringe touch the patient, as it will increase blood flow.

Going to the number pad in the Space Brain Transplant mission and entering "296145" triggers the special location Outer Space, in which the Alien Surgery takes place.

As in Normal Operations the standard operations are available:

Heart Transplant (Space)

Double Kidney Transplant (Space)

Brain Transplant (Space)

Eye Transplant (Space)

Teeth Transplant (Space)

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