The first edition of Surgeon Simulator was a free prototype made in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam, titled Surgeon Simulator 2013. It is still available on the official Surgeon Simulator website. As with the official release, the prototype is not medically realistic.


In the prototype, the player must complete a Heart Transplant, which is the only operation in the prototype.


  • Sometimes, the ribs will not be completely detached, thus resulting them floating.
  • If the player moves the surgeon's hand quickly towards the patient's face, it will reveal an "end" to the surgeon's arm.
  • Even if the lungs are out of the patient's body, they can still be hurt by tools, and cause blood loss.
  • Very rarely, when the player grabs onto the ribs and yanks on them, the ribs will break.
  • You can pull the lungs out without harming the ribs by grabbing around the center of the chest and once you have ahold of a lung twist aroung your arm and move your arm around
  • You can twist your hand 360 degrees and continue turning it.


  • On the back of Nigel's fingers he has A, W, E, and R tattoeed to the corresponding controls on the keyboard.


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