Syringes, which appear in every level, except for those included in the Meet the Medic and Alien Surgery DLCs, have a variety of effects on both the player and the patient. To activate the affects of a syringe, the player must poke themselves or the patient with the syringe's tip. When the player completes the space heart transplant, a floppy disc will be added to the reception desk entitled, "Know your syringes..."


The Green SyringeEdit

The Green Syringe is a drug that modifies the players screen to become green and purple with distorted sound. However, if you poke the patient with the green syringe it slows down the blood loss.

Code name: Sloth Syrum

The Blue Syringe Edit

The Blue Syringe, when used on the player after the Green Syringe, eliminates the Green Syringe's effects. However, if the Blue Syringe is injected into the patient, it accelerates blood loss. If used on the player without having touched the green syringe earlier, it will have no effect.

Green syringe

The effect of the green syringe on Nigel.

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