Teeth Transplant
(Operating Room)
Teeth Icon
Recommended Tools
Scissors or Scalpel
Drill or sickle probe
The Teeth Transplant is an operation featured in Surgeon Simulator Touch and Anniversary Edition. The goal is to knock out all the rotten teeth and then replace them.


  1. Cut the straps on both sides of the mask.
  2. Take the tool of your choice and touch the brown teeth with it. After causing enough damage they will automatically fall out.
  3. Open one of the three plastic containers containing the teeth and grab the Tweezers.
  4. As soon as you touch one of the teeth with the Tweezers, they will be grabbed and held in place.
  5. Move the Tweezers with the tooth into the mouth of the patient and they will automatically latch to the first free place they touch.
    1. If you removed some non-rotten teeth, you do not have to replace those.
    2. It is irrelevant which sort of tooth you put at which position. You can just give the patient all grinders and the mission will succeed anyways.
  6. After all places that originally had rotten teeth are filled with normal teeth, the operation ends.
Teeth Left Teeth Middle Teeth Right
Left side of the operation room. Middle of the operation room. Right side of the operation room.

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