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Uber Heart Transplant is a special operation that was added to Surgeon Simulator on June 21, 2013. This operation features the characters Medic and Heavy from the free-to-play game Team Fortress 2.

You can enter the operation by inserting the VHS tape with the TF2 logo in the reception. The VHS tape was added in the "Meet The Medic" Crossover DLC.


The tools used may vary from person to person, here is the preferred method:

  1. Use the bat on the left side to smash the ribcage.
  2. Pull out the lungs.
  3. Cut the heart connection at the usual places.
  4. This step is optional but helps a lot: Clear the bucket on the left side (the one that contains an atom bomb and a bonesaw).
  5. Open the fridge on the right side.
  6. This can be tricky, a tip is to hold the handle with your hands sideways.
  7. Take the Mega Baboon out and put it into the cleared bucket. (Don't take small heart, because It will explode if you'll try to uber that. This also happens to heavy's heart).
  8. Put the Uber Device on the heart. (Located on the right side on the room with prongs on it. Looks like a semi-circle)
  9. Now operate the small joystick next to the bucket to navigate the medigun-beam over the heart.
  10. Wait until one of the Medic's voice lines is activated and the heart starts glowing itself.
  11. Drop the ubercharged heart into the ribcage.
  12. Navigate the medigun over the body until you can hear a specific sound and see the ribcage closing.
Uber Heart Left Uber Heart Middle Uber Heart Right
Left side of the operating room. Middle of the operating room. Right side of the operating room.
Uber Heart Medigun Uber Heart Archimedes Uber Heart Fridge
Medigun in use. Archimedes without blood. Openable fridge which contains the new heart.

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